Anna Patch is an actor, model, and creative based in Sydney, Australia.

Acting and modeling, mixed in with my own touch of difference; a passion for mindfulness, creating, sharing, healthy living, and food; and inspiring people to live their best life…

That’s my recipe to living happily and thriving in the acting world.

From when I was young, there has never been a doubt in my mind that I’d walk the path of becoming an actress.

Since then, I’ve made it possible with years of training, collaborating and working amongst talented and acclaimed actors.


Anna has been described by top Australian Casting directors as ‘natural, having great comedic timing and a natural sassiness and presence.'

Anna is constantly sought after for roles within screen, such as Felicity in The Audition Bus which will be released in 2021.

She has recently filmed the hero role in BetterBare’s launch and JUNKEE x Westpac’s Super Saver online videos.

She was part of ‘Friendzoned Island’ which won best feel-good film at the Sydney Indie Film Festival.

And in 2016 Anna was part of the highly accredited band Speed of the Stars’ music video “The Archaeologist,” a finalist in film festivals for both Australia and Los Angeles. 


Anna is phonetically trained in General US American, UK & Cockney accents.

She is currently learning the Spanish accent (hola, amigos!).

She is also trained in voice overs and has trained with renowned teachers around the world, such as Anthony Meindl (AMAW Studios) and Ben Mathews.


This podcast was top of the charts for all categories in the first 2 weeks of launching 2019. Just a little something she produced and created on her own.

Anna is also in the final stages of releasing her debut poetry book on Amazon- ‘For the one with stars in her eyes.’

Anna is also currently in pre-production for her first short film ‘Magic’, which Anna wrote, produced, and starred in. It’s set for release mid-end 2021.


Anna also works as a creative confidence mentor.

She works with creatives in all areas to build their brands, careers and lives, and truly go for it in life. Anna has helped her past clients step into the unknown and do something completely different to change their norm… Which has in turn resulted in manifesting inner growth, opportunities, lessons and new realities.