Feeling good = EVERYTHING

Feeling good = EVERYTHING

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How does one feel good? It might seem like a straight forward answer and it actually is. But when was the last time you made the CONSCIOUS effort to raise your mood or energy? It’s in the conscious choice that we re-program the brain and allow our minds and brains to see the world around us in a different way and see proof that we are doing well.

How to feel good?
You do things that make you smile, make you laugh, maybe what your inner child would do.

For me this includes:
– swimming in the ocean (and jumping, splashing and diving in the water literally like a child)
– skipping down the street, jumping up to touch the leaves or branches.
– listening to music while doing the above dot point.
– listening to music in my room and having a dance party.

Once you find the things that bring you absolute JOY, that’s when more things to feel good about come into your life.

We all have goals in life, and an end goal or thing we want to achieve, and think that we will be happy when it happens, or will be able to buy that, or travel there or do that when I’ve got this thing, or whatever it is. But the reality is, we need to be in JOY, and happy WHERE WE ARE RIGHT NOW in order to really manifest what it is we want and to be content and happy when it does happen. So we don’t get there and realise that it was so different to what we originally thought and we are possibly not as fulfilled.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, we have EVERYTHING we need within us. We have ourselves. That’s all we truly need.
Once you listen to yourself and tune in, and trust that what your body is telling you, life changes and you start to see true, real magic.

And yes, magic is real.

Lots of love,
Anna xxx