Finding Happiness NOW, will change everything

Finding Happiness NOW, will change everything

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Hello everyone,

Anna is back with another blog post.

I am currently sitting here with a lymphatic drainage face mask on and i literally can’t move my face. It tights everything up to then drain all the toxins. But once I take it off, my skin will BE GLOWING! (I need to take it off actually, the timer went off, I’m also very thirsty as I can’t drink with it on- it’s been on for 45 minutes!).

Anyway, I wanted to talk about how important the sun is, the ocean is and how when we connect to these aspects of life, we connect to ourselves even more. The sun literally gives us life, it gives us Vitamin D, which is needed for health, vitality, glowing skin and a boosted, healthy and strong immune system. Are you getting enough sun? I also try to get outside, whether that be for a walk, or a swim.

The ocean, if you live near one, will free your soul. EVERY time I get near an ocean, or a beach my inner child comes out and I get all giddy like I’m in love. Which, now I come to think of it. I am. I am in LOVE with the ocean, Mother Nature and the soul of the Universe.

I have swum TWICE in 2 days now, and my Summer glow is back- oh how i’ve missed it. (P.S I am writing this in the middle of the COVID-19 Worldwide Pandemic, where a lot of the main beaches are now closed #MAJORSADFACE. But don’t worry, I have swum in legal, open smaller beaches, or rocks.

I speak about the ocean a lot. It’s because it literally fuels my soul, and grounds me back down, grounds me to me. I feel excitement, joy and total love. If I feel this beautiful JOY and HAPPINESS NOW, my desires will come even sooner and with so much magic, and when I get ‘there’, to wherever I desire to be, I will already be fulfilled, because I am NOW.

How can you feel joy, happiness and fulfilment NOW? So that you won’t be unsatisfied or empty when you achieve you most deepest desires?

Start living life. It’s here for us.

Anna xxx