Hello! Thanks for stopping by!

Hello! Thanks for stopping by!

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Hello! Welcome to my first blog post. Thanks for stopping by.

Let’s flash back to my time in America in Jan-March this year (2019)….

This is an exciting time. Things are happening. Life is magical. Life is scary. Life is MINE. Life is YOURS.

I am currently sitting on a train from New York City to Delaware, Newark. (To my American friends, yes I am going to Delaware!). Every American I spoke to, asked :“Why Delaware?”

“I have a pen pal who lives there”.


Yes, I am currently on my way to meet my pen pal for the first time. After writing actual, hand written letters since 2016. We are meeting. In person.

This trip from Australia to America has been so much more than I could have ever hoped for and I am only 2 weeks in. I have 6 weeks left. Guys, when you jump into the unknown, trust yourself and trust that everything is happening for you, then you can do anything. And by anything, I mean ANYTHING. We are literally floating within a ball in the middle of space- we are energy and matter. I’ll let you sit on that for a second.

I will be doing regular blog posts and I hope to see you back here! I thought I would start writing in the states- I mean so many other amazing things have happened for me here in this amazing country. So here’s to that!

On my blog, you will find all sorts of things.


Food (don’t be surprised if there’s A LOT). I AM A MASSIVE FOODIE (healthy of course). And all things life, self-love, health, mind, body and soul.

I am a screen actress, model and coach. In terms of coaching, I specialise in spirituality in conjunction with mindset. I help you realise your limiting beliefs, mindset patterns and then help you live the life you’ve always dreamed of aka: manifesting and creating your dream life! (Amazing right?!) 

I am so excited to be here; it’s been a long time coming. I love writing. Putting on some good music (currently listening to Fader by The Temper Trap), and letting the inspo flow through me.

I would also like to say a MASSIVE thank you to Elke from Elke Designs for designing my website- you are an angel who I love very much.

Thanks for reading. I am so truly grateful to have to you here with me.

Speak soon,

Anna xx