The Moon and the Cosmos….

The Moon and the Cosmos….

So you know, the moon.

The big thing in the sky.

Yeah, I think you know it. I know it.

It affects the oceans and the animals and the waves and the water.

So it affects us, as we are mainly made up of water… And we are a form of an animal (it’s weird to say right?!)

We are currently in Mercury retrograde and transitioning into Scorpio moon. With this comes change, feeling all over the place. It is really asking us to let go, to surrender.

But in times of confusion and despair, remember that just like the ocean, the trees and the birds, you are supported ALWAYS. Always being cared for and loved. If the ocean is always thriving, then you too, can thrive, even in difficult times. The ocean crashes and roars like a lion sometimes, but it is only getting it’s feelings out, have you yelled or roared like a lion? I bet you have.

Then the next day, she is calm and clear and peaceful. You dive under her and it’s like you are in a different world, because you are. This is what happens for us. And just like the ocean, you are always beautiful, inside and out, you will always go through hard times- when we need to roar (we all will). But then, the peace falls over you like the rain when it kisses us.

Trust, my dear one.

You are supported.
You are loved.
You are here.
You are enough.

Feel the Eb & Flow of life, just like the ocean, and you will be okay.

Anna xxx